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DEFINITIVE - photography, food, & fascinations of david zimand

Welcome.  I have been pondering writing and sharing for too long, and had too much interest to continue to avoid.  

Thank you for visiting and I hope you'll find value here here in imagery and words.  

I am in constant awe of the world around me, in every way.  I am in awe of every person I encounter, and in have a sense of wonderment, curious, fascinated, in some sense of love even.  I admire everyone. I know everyone has their story, their history, their struggles, trials, tribulations, whether obvious or not.  I want to do feature articles on everyone, and every great thing I encounter - including the in depth interviews and copious large intimate imagery to lead it.  

Rather than continue to wait for NYTimes magazine to knock on my door . . . let me start to share until that day.  

Here, I will begin to post photography rich feature stories about fascinating people, products, endeavors, plus.  

Love to hear your ideas, positive feed back and constructive criticism.  

Your support in terms of viewership, comments, sharing and spreading the word is everything.   I have never been a chest pounder nor online promoter.  Thus far I've simply posted images I find compelling.  Help me bring good imagery and stories to the public without a need to compromise values with click bait and sensationalism that distorts.  

With love and appreciation to supporters, the biggest of whom are my lovely girls.  

david zimand

January, 2018